massage, St Albans, Harpenden

What is Soft Tissue Therapy? aka Massage


Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy (STT) is a hands-on massage from an appropriately qualified therapist, in my case, an osteopath.

STT differs from most massages you might receive in a spa or most health clubs. The differences are the patient screening process and the therapist’s intent. Both will ensure the treatment is specific to the patient’s needs.

STT treatments can vary in intensity. Between the patient and therapist, the appropriate intensity can be found. This means both patients who prefer a deeper tissue treatment and those who need and respond better to lighter techniques can be catered for..

Before I deliver any massage treatments, patients receive an abbreviated version of an osteopathic consultation to ensure their suitability for treatment.

This ensures a complete understanding of a patient’s health and needs. This ensures the treatment suits the patient’s needs and helps guide the treatment, and ensures clear intent.

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