Osteopathic Treatment St Albans

What is an Osteopathic Treatment?

Osteopathic Treatment

Depending on the patient and the osteopath, an osteopathic treatment can vary in content. However, the principles of osteopathy are consistently applied by all osteopaths.

Osteopathy follows a set of principles; these are outlined on the TMO Methodology page. The osteopathic principles are integrated into our methodology alongside other concepts from exercise and naturopathy.

Osteopathic treatment

When planning a patient treatment, we consider what will be effective in treating the patient’s condition and what is safe.

Patient preference is a primary consideration that may influence the patient’s treatment. However, this can never override an osteopathic rationale and treatment efficacy.

Medical acupuncture is an example of how this may affect a patient’s treatment. Medical acupuncture may be felt as an appropriate modality to treat a patient’s lower back pain. But if the patient has a needle phobia, they would unlikely agree to medical acupuncture in their treatment. In this case, alternative treatments would be offered.

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