Massage in St Albans & Harpenden

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Massage treatments are suitable for patients who are pain and injury free.

For patients with specific injuries or pain, Osteopathy is usually the best option to allow a better understanding of the problem and a diagnosis to be made.

Many of our patients progress from osteopathy to massage, where their specific needs and biomechanical issues can be managed and maintained whilst treating other body regions.

Home visit requirements

Unrestricted parking facilities – a driveway or close-by permit parking for which you can provide a 2-hour parking permit. Underground parking is unfortunately not suitable.

Osteopathy & Massage – a dedicated quiet space with room to move comfortably around a portable massage table.

Sports massage can help to…

Relieve muscle tightness and soreness

Increase fluid dynamics (blood and lymphatic fluid movement)

Promote tissue healing

Improve joint range of motion

Improve recovery post exercise

Improve physical performance

How often should you have a massage?

How often would depend on your age, stress levels, physical state, exercise frequency, intensity and type. For some individuals receiving a massage once a week may be suitable, whilst for others, once every 6-12 weeks may be more appropriate.

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