What are the principles of osteopathy?

principles of osteopathy

Principles of Osteopathy

The principles of osteopathy include the following:

The body is a whole

All of the body’s components are interrelated and dependent on one another to function as a whole.

The body is capable of healing itself

Osteopaths think about the body’s natural capacity to maintain and restore health.

Function and structure are interconnected

The body’s structure and functional relationship include bones, muscles, and connective tissue.

The body changes to fit its surroundings

Although the body can adapt to the demands made on it by its surroundings, it can also be impacted by physical, emotional, and chemical pressures.

The goal of osteopathic treatment is to promote balance

With the aid of manual therapy techniques, osteopaths seek to bring the body’s structure and function back into harmony and balance.

The patient is given comprehensive care

When creating a treatment plan, osteopaths consider a person’s health’s physical, emotional, and social facets.

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