Mobile Osteopath: About Me

Stuart Best Osteopath

About Me

Hi, I’m The Mobile Osteo, also known as Stuart Best. I’m a registered Osteopath, Personal Trainer, and CrossFit Coach.

I’m also a very active 50-something who has been training in gyms for over 40 years. And as the above image shows, I ski, paddleboard, bodyboard and workout. 

As the name ‘The Mobile Osteo’ suggests, I visit patients’ homes delivering Osteopathic and Massage treatments.

I work with patients who need help to heal after an injury. Patients who need help resolving pain when there’s no known mechanism of injury. And patients who need help managing pain-generating conditions, such as osteoarthritis.

I specialise in working with active patients who regularly exercise and challenge themselves in their chosen sport or activity, whether on the road, water, slopes, the gym, or at their CrossFit affiliate.

General Osteopathic Council Registration